About Us

Who we are:
AHAA is a 501c3 non-profit educational and professional networking alliance. Our membership includes educators, professionals, organizations and supportive individuals involved or interested in the healing arts and sciences. All of our programs are open to the health conscious general public and health professionals. We appreciate all donations, memberships, and volunteer efforts in support of our programs.
AHAA’s professional members include individuals and organizations that represent the following healing arts and sciences areas of study and practice: wellness, preventative, integrative, complementary, alternative, mind-body medicine, world medicine, holistic health, natural healing and spiritual healing.  This also includes scientific theory, research and applications in the fields of consciousness, creativity,  environment and quantum physics.
As practitioners our professional membership includes: acupuncturists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, counselors, clergy, educators, fitness trainers, homeopaths, life coaches, massage therapists, naturopaths, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, subtle energy healers, veterinarians and other related professional practices including the creative arts for healing.
As an alliance of organizations we also represent the regional study group
What We Do:
AHAA sponsors regional and international educational programs and networking events.
Our global educational programs include:
The Inner Peace Treaty™ and Peace Pulse™ expanding collective thought projects and the Peace Nouvella Players™ as part of a comprehensive healing arts program called Peace Nouvella™. We encourage individuals and groups to actively participate in our programs to co-create greater inner and outer peace in the world.
All memberships and tax-deductable donations are appreciated in support our programs.
Your financial support makes a difference, too, through your online gifts to AHAA. We appreciate all the help offered by new as well as existing donors in support of our programs.
Our Vision:
         AHAA is a non-profit educational and professional networking alliance.
Our Mission:
To bring about individual and global healing and peace.  We invite and encourage all to share their experience, insights, wisdom, and resources to accomplish this vision.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Listening to our shared higher Self’s inner guidance inspires us to co-create a healthier, more peaceful world.
  • Our thoughts, words, and deeds co-create our reality.
  • Each of us is responsible for our own healing process and ability to experience inner peace.
  • As each of us learns, grows, and heals, we help humanity and the planet to heal.
  • Maintaining loving, positive, peaceful, and affirming communications with others is vital.
  • As we give we receive.