Inner Peace Treaty™

The Inner Peace Treaty’s purpose is to encourage self-responsibility through inner reflection and to build an expanding group consciousness of the deep connection among all people. It is also a personal commitment to find peace within ourselves and act peacefully in all we do.
The theme of the Inner Peace Treaty™ is for each of us to realize that “peace begins within each of us as a seed thought.” As we consciously cultivate peace in our thoughts, our communications, and our actions, we contribute to a global revolution in the hearts and minds of people around the world. World peace will come as the result of greater peace within.
The initial ratification of the Inner Peace Treaty™ was begun in ceremony on Sunday, June 21, 1998 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Since then, it has continued its ratification process with the signatures of thousands of citizens. Those offering their ratifying signatures have included political and organizational leaders, noted dignitaries and people from different countries, ages and all walks of life.
Your ratification of the Inner Peace Treaty™ indicates your willingness to act as a peace builder in your family, your community, your nation, and the world, starting within yourself. You can print and sign the Inner Peace Treaty™ PDF version for your personal use at the link shown below the words of the original treaty. Read How You Can Help below and consider including your words in our collection of sample inner peace treaties. Please send any offerings to AHAA granting permission to include your name and words in our publications.
The Inner Peace Treaty™
“With this treaty I agree to reconnect with the highest aspects of my being. Toward greater harmony and peace from within, I acknowledge and release all unforgiveness I have created. I choose to be at peace with the process of my life as an unfolding journey toward greater love and joy. I honor and hold this Truth as Self-evident.”
Click here for a printable copy of the Inner Peace Treaty™, and sign to use for yourself.
Please write your own version of a treaty for yourself, add your signature to the continuing ratification process and pass this web page link, on to others.
How You Can Help
Please help us expand this Peace Nouvella™ collective thought project through your involvement. You can do so in two ways.
  1. Share the Inner Peace Treaty™ with your friends and the organizations to which you belong. Conduct a ratification ceremony.
  2. Allow these words to inspire you to write your own inner peace treaty. Let it seed your present moment with peace and extend hope for the future.
And please let us know
E-mail or write AHAA to share the outcome of your experience. Remember, as you send your e-mail, please add your meditative thoughts or prayers of inner peace. Know that your thoughts will affect the recipients as an expanding vibrational energy called the Peace Pulse™.
Excerpts from some e-mails will be shared through this website. Others will be included in the book about this project called We The People: Co-Creating Inner Peace as part of the Peace Nouvella™ educational programs for youths and adults. and in the wellness-education programs being created for youth and adults. Please include your name, address with country, and age in your e-mail or mailed version with permission to reprint when you send it to AHAA.
Co-sponsor or additional information
To become a co-sponsor, or for additional information about the Inner Peace Treaty™, Peace Pulse™, Peace Nouvella™ and We the People: Co-Creating Inner Peace book about the Inner Peace Treaty™ project please Contact us.