A Course in Miracles Study Group

Meditation & Healing Exchange

Educational Programs & Media Night

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A Course in Miracles

This book study group meets as a healing circle, miracles sharing and self study support.  The Course has been translated into 27 different languages with over 1,500 study groups in 50 countries.  Published by the Foundation for Inner Peace the ACIM course has helped millions experience more inner peace and miracles.

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Meditation & Healing Exchange
All are welcome to experience the Peace Pulse™ as a meditative practice and healing exchange. The Peace Pulse™ is an inner peacebuilding mediative and subtle energy healing practice that promotes balance, healing and peaceful harmony.  Both forms of practices are part of the Peace Nouvella™ educational peacebuilding programs.

Educational Programs & Media Night
Educational programs and media presentations provided by AHAA professional members and guest speakers.

Healing arts and sciences topics include the following areas of study: integrative, complementary, alternative, and preventative medicine; mind-body-spirit, wellness and holistic health programs; studies in consciousness and quantum physical sciences.


Inner Peace Treaty™ Anniversary
This celebration event is held yearly on June 21st in anniversary of the original The Inner Peace Treaty™ ratification event in 1998. These anniversary programs have included a global teleconference with guest panelists, festive social gatherings, educational workshops and group meditations honoring the continued ratification and global journey of the Inner Peace Treaty™.

The Inner Peace Treaty™ is part of the Peace Nouvella™ educational peacebuilding program. If you are part of an organization and interested in including the Inner Peace Treaty™ as an inspirational presentation at an event or as part of an educational program please Contact Us.


AHAA sponsors periodic special educational programs and events including workshops, courses, social potlucks and networking gatherings. These programs provide opportunities  to connect, share, and have fun!

Contact Us if you would like to offer a sponsorship donation or are interested in volunteering.