Peace Nouvella™

Educational Program and Projects

Peace Nouvella™ is designed as a comprehensive creative arts, healing arts and intuitive arts educational program. This educational program offers an opportunity to explore the history and purpose of Peace Nouvella™ as a course of study that includes the The Inner Peace Treaty™ and the Peace Pulse™ as collective thought projects and the Peace Nouvella Players™.

This course of study often begins with participation through the ratification of the Inner Peace Treaty™ begun in ceremony in Annapolis on June 28, 1998.  As a peacebuilding process it offers opportunities to expand awareness by extending its global message of hope, peace and healing for all the world.  We hope your inner spirit will lead you to participate in our global healing inner peacebuilding programs. Inner peacebuilding includes co-creating and extending peace for yourself, your family, your community, your nation and the world.

The words Peace Nouvella™ mean “a new peace scripted in the heart, co-authored with God”. This can also be defined as the ability to consistently experience a peaceful Presence of Divine Mind in you as the highest aspects of your being. Individual participation and exploration comes through a course of study that includes; journaling, art, music, meditation, hands healing, storytelling, dialoguing and experiential group exercises. An in-depth understanding includes stages of training offered as Practitioner, Facilitator and Trainer trainings.

Further development of this program includes a book about the Inner Peace Treaty™ called We The People: Co-creating Inner Peace, a video and other Peace Nouvella™ educational programs. Other phases of the project include a workbook, exhibit, and additional educational materials. Financial resources to produce these materials are required. If you can offer personal referrals to corporate or individual resources or production expertise, please Contact Us.