Peace Pulse™

The Peace Pulse™ is part of the Peace Nouvella™  comprehensive educational peacebuilding program.  It is a subtle energy healing practice and group thought form project that promotes balance, healing and peaceful harmony. As a peace affirming group thought form experience it helps foster a greater health conscious lifestyle and enhanced well-being.

The Peace Pulse™  as a subtle healing energy can be sensed as a soft pulsing wave-like vibration of peacefulness.  Some sense it as a stillness of the mind, a sweet flower like smell or a loving peaceful Presence. The experience of it has demonstrated that the more it is practiced by extending it to others, the more expansive and inclusively inner peacebuilding its high vibrational healing rays become.  It is extended by the practice of it for self healing and by offering it to others. It also spreads expansively as an increasing full spectrum healing light experience with each ratification of the Inner Peace Treaty™  and with participation in the Peace Nouvella™  educational programs.

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The depiction below is of a Peace Pulse™ individual session:

alternate Peace

Photography by photographer Christine Hunt with photoshop rendering by Bella Photo Art.