Peace Nouvella Players™

The Peace Nouvella Players is  an ensemble of creative and performing artists dedicated to offering  inspiring educational programs for all ages. We offer  innovative creative and performing arts presentations and workshop  programs with educational healing arts themes.
* Youth and Adult Participants
* Creative Artists and Performing Artists
* Inspirational Peacebuilding Educational Programs
* Programs for Schools, Events, Churches, Organizations and Conferences
Performers  and artists of all ages are eligible to join our diverse troupe of  visual artists, theater performers, writers, musicians, storytellers,  poets, musicians, dancers, and filmmakers. This includes directors,  stage managers, crew and assistants as part of our support team.   Contact us for our Peace Nouvella Players™ brochure.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining our ensemble or arranging  for a presentation.  Queries to join the Peace Nouvella Players™ to  become a member of our ensemble should include representative materials  as background information.  This would include your biography and/resume  plus samples of your work.  Queries samples such as writing,  performance video, music, photography &/or art portfolio samples please email us.

Below are sample photos from our special Peace Nouvella Presentation™ event held on June 21, 2008, in Annapolis, Maryland. Our program included a video conference dialogue with producer LeVar Burton and director Olivia Barham discussing with us The Science of Peace documentary. Another feature of the evening was the debut of our Peace Nouvella Players™ with a twelve member cast performing in the original production of A Capital Idea play written and directed by AHAA president Alice Yeager.

To view a pdf copy of our playbill contact us.

Video conference dialogue with producer LeVar Burton and director Olivia Barham discussing the Science of Peace documentary with AHAA president Alice Yeager and Peace Nouvella Players™.

R. J. Pavel, Sarah Charles and Osiremi Ocokojie.

Peace Nouvella Players™  R. J Pavel, Eleanor McCormick, Ackie Layne and Nancie Ciccione

Peace Nouvella Players™ Nick Allen and Sarah Charles

Peace Nouvella Players™ Raul Torres, Eleanor McCormick and Sarah Charles

AHAA President Alice Yeager and Narrator Faith Hagerty during Inner Peace Treaty™ 10th Anniversary ceremony.